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Below You Will Read the Thrilling Story of what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada
after leaders from various groups there came together. A few of the leaders recommended that everyone watch "The Strangest Political Secret" video  -- and then they implemented the Precinct Strategy. THEY DID IT! in mid 2009! -- Read Mr. Bill Pojunis's thrilling report below, and listen to him as he explains what happened as the special guest on our October 19, 2009 Monday Night National Precinct Activists Call.
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In This Case -- What Happened in Las Vegas
 is NOT going to Stay in Las Vegas

(This title was added by the webmaster to add a little humor. -- Mr. Pojunis just entitled his report/essay "Nevada", which he originally wrote for the meetup members of -- so members could read what happened in advance so as to get more out of the conference call, which happened on day later)

by Mr. Bill Pojunis
October 18, 2009

A funny thing happened to the Republican Party in Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas area). After the last election slaughter that the Republicans suffered as a result of the Obama tsunami, the party was disgruntled, disorganized, and in utter chaos. A great many Republicans had defected to the Independents and Libertarians, and all that remained where the “old guard” fat cat party loyalists, you know, the same ones who had sold out the party for politics as usual, and were intent upon retaining their stranglehold on the State Party.

Enter the “Grass Roots” movement, the reaction to what had just happened to the country. The movement was populated by a number of what I refer to as “reluctant activists”, those people who would never DREAM of protesting anything, comprised of many people who had listened to Fox News during the campaign, as well as others who all were trying desperately to put out the truth behind Candidate Obama – his radical associations, his radical views on issues, the extremist views held by his Black Liberation Theology preacher, Reverend Wright, and many, many other points which SHOULD have been of interest to the Main Stream Media, had they not been so actively complicit in securing this election for their “Favorite Son.”

When the appeal was made for Americans who believe that their nation was in mortal danger to stand together, regardless of past party affiliation, and demonstrate their new found unity on Tax Day, something else occurred – those dissatisfied Conservatives, those Constitutionalists, those unrepresented voters realized they had been sold out by their respective parties, not just in this election, but for the past several decades, while they were all busy earning a living, raising families, paying taxes, and since the fall of 2008, losing much of their hard earned and accumulated wealth through the mismanagement of not only their financial institutions, but their government, began to become aware of the fact that they must DO SOMETHING! The question was, what?

So there was a call for a nationwide day of protest. Hoping that it would wake up the administration and the Congress that we were not happy with all this spending and accumulation of overburdening debt, not only for us, but for future generations – our children and grandchildren, and quite possibly, our great-grandchildren! We marched and held demonstrations. Accordingly, the Main Stream Media largely ignored us, and attacked us as loons, far right extremists, racists, and other such common labels. Did they get the message? Not one bit! The problem is, within the beltway, voters are totally irrelevant. All that matters is the contributions to be gained from the lobbyists, the PACs, the moneyed contributors, and those who can influence and aid in the reelection campaigns. Constituents don’t matter, unless, of course, they are bearing huge contributions.

We communicated via the internet, groups sprang up espousing Constitutional values, reverence for the vision of our founders, adherence to the principles of what used to be Conservative values that were admired, not castigated, as is the practice in today’s world. The common thread among all of these groups was, the country is in trouble, but how can we correct it? How can we change the direction toward which it was plummeting at breakneck speed? What could we do to stop the headlong passage of spending bills running into thousand-page monstrosities, which our legislators were bullied into signing, all in the name of averting some crisis or another, before it became a catastrophe, and all of which went largely unread or debated, just voted upon in the dead of night or with little fanfare or public scrutiny?

What we were searching for was a non-violent solution, short of armed insurrection and civil war, to take back the country from those who had abused their offices and subverted the Constitution like some irrelevant news story, rather than the supreme law of the land, as it was intended to be.

The Precinct Strategy has been around since the time of Lincoln, but the vast majority of Americans were not political junkies, so they had no idea what it was all about. Unfortunately, those who did understand it were the very ones who had abused it to secure the favor of their cronies and perpetuate their power.

What happened next was the “awakening” of a portion of the Grass Roots participants to the reality of political elections in the country today. Some “activists” were aware of how the system worked, but had never been involved with it to any great extent. Suddenly, this idea became crystal clear to many people simultaneously, and independently. Although most of the reluctant activists failed to grasp the enormous potential of this system, a few took the initiative to present it to the public in the form of education. One group after another was introduced to the concept of the Precinct Strategy, and it grew in popularity among many of the “internet Groups” as the Conservatives recognized its value and potential for significant change.

While the overriding sentiment among the “Internet groups” was to establish a new, third party, the idea that it could be effective in the immediate future appeared to negate the purpose for the upcoming 2010 elections – there simply did not seem to be enough time to mount such a campaign with any hope of even moderate success in unseating incumbent politicians. The Precinct strategy is undoubtedly the best way to proceed, but to focus efforts on a new, third party alternative seemed unlikely to produce results. So, those of us who had formed a coalition of the various “internet groups” in Las Vegas, decided to try to see what we could do with the Republican party, if we all got together and worked as one group. We held meeting with our separate groups, and discussed all the options we knew about, and put forth the idea that we should act as a coalition of groups, meeting and agreeing upon one common course of action.

We held a group meeting, and enumerated the pros and cons of third parties versus working with the Republicans. There was great diversity of opinion, many of our grass roots people were strongly and fiercely Independent, but we were all passionate about one thing – we had to do something to bring about a change in the status quo. We argued about the best way to do it, and several members who were adamantly opposed to trying to do anything within the Republican Party left our groups in protest.

We determined that the way the Clark County Republican party is organized, we actually could make a difference, and if the leaders didn’t want to take us seriously, we believed we could be in a position to effectively present and vote in a new slate of officers. The way we accomplished this was all according to their own rules and procedures.

We first became members of the Clark County Republican Central Committee, aware that we had to attend two consecutive meetings before we were eligible to vote in the upcoming election of officers for the next two years. We held another meeting with our newly combined group and put it up for a vote to our members – we finally agreed that it did really make sense to change the leadership if we wanted to change the party. While it also required Republican voter registration, a number of our members took the step and changed their registration in order to participate fully in the election.

We showed up at the Central Committee meetings as required, but in the meanwhile, we held our own meetings to discuss whom we should support, and which of our leaders were willing to assume the leadership roles to help us affect the change we so desired. After a great deal of cajoling, hand holding and persuasion, we had a slate of officers to challenge those from what we considered the “Old Guard” party bosses and others who had been in power positions for far too long.

As the election date approached, the Old Guard became aware of our intention, and sent out the word that their members (those who supported the status quo) needed to show up and vote for their slate. There were some ruminations of behind the scenes dealings, conspiracies to counteract our intentions, and other nefarious goings on, but when the smoke cleared, the Grass Roots Coalition had succeeded in controlling the election, securing 6 of the 7 executive positions for our members, a crushing defeat for the “old Guard” supporters and devotees.

We dominated the proceedings, even including a runoff for the Chairman position, which our candidate ultimately lost, but the winner had also been one whom we agreed to support in the event of a runoff, and so we considered that a win for us as well.

We now control the workings of the Clark County Republican Party, to all intents and purposes. Once our slate of officers was installed, we began to unravel all the problems with the prior workings, and set about instituting new procedures, policies, and guidelines that had been sorely lacking for at least the immediate past several administrations. We were of the opinion that they acted not as independent of the State party, but as servants of the State Party, and took every action as directed by the State power brokers.

What makes this especially gratifying, is that Clark County is the largest county in Nevada, and we have more than 70 per cent of the total voters registered in the state, so we are now a real force with which to be concerned, and with which to reckon as far as anything to do with State politics and political action is concerned.

The simple lesson in all of this is that the Precinct Strategy DOES WORK! Now that we are in control, we are actively recruiting new Precinct Captains and Precinct Administrators, we have created new controls of information, we have instituted new methods of communication, and are striving to improve relations with not only those who have stayed with the Party, but are attracting back to the Party those who left in disgust and dissatisfaction.

Now we can have the hammer, as it were, on just whom we will support, and we can “vet” the potential candidates to insure that we will never again have to face the “lesser of two evils”, and that we will not have to accept a candidate foisted upon us by some power wielding groups of cronies intent upon solidifying their stranglehold upon the Party, and intent upon fulfilling their private agendas. We are the ones who can affect the selection process, we can support those candidates with whom we share common goals, values and principles, and we can work to elect representatives who reflect the will of the people, not some special interest group or another, and to hell with the voters.

We are saddled with Harry Reid, arguably one of the worst offenders of the pay for play politics as usual cancer that affects far too much of Washington today. This man has entered into highly questionable real estate dealings, and not one violation of the ethics as been supported or sustained. Those token objections which were presented were dismissed as baseless. Even neglecting to report the gain on real estate transactions was overlooked to the tune of at least $400,000 (quite possibly more like in excess of one million). If a n ordinary citizen attempted to do that, we would be in jail, or at the very least charged and brought to trial, but not Harry! The eyes of the entire nation will be upon Nevada as the 2010 elections draw near, and once we succeed in unseating Reid, it will send a message to the rest of the Senators, who are not up for reelection in 2010, but in 2012 that we are watching, and we are coming for them all!

Now we are embarking upon the REAL work, that is to implement the Precinct Strategy fully, so as to take advantage of this system, which is the answer to our quest for the solution to taking back, first the Party, and next, the Nation!

The End