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Why "Wag the Dog"









The reason for this website's name, "WagTheDog2010" -- is because it is our hope that the "normal" Americans who believe in the true freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution will begin to "wag the dog", i.e., our nation, once again -- superceding the sinister forces behind the Federal Reserve Board and most of Wall Street in New York City, which coalition of special interest groups have been increasingly "waging the dog" of our nation in the past several decades. That is the reason this name was picked. The course of history is always shaped by a determined minority. -- Jim Condit Jr.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The actual movie "Wag The Dog" (preview below) was a confessional of how closely Hollywood works with the Shadow Government in New York City and Washington D.C. Jim Condit Jr.'s commentary on this movie will be posted here eventually.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Why does a dog wag its tail? Because a dog is smarter than its tail.
If the tail were smarter, the tail would wag the dog.

                                               Tagline for the film, Wag the Dog



About the Movie
In December 1997 a political comedy hit theaters around the country concerning an attempt by a President's White House spin doctors to divert attention from a sex scandal that would derail his reelection bid. They do this by creating an imaginary war with Albania that is pawned off as real to the news media, who in turn will feed it to an unsuspecting public.

Boasting a cast headed by such A-list talents as Robert Di Niro and Dustin Hoffman, Wag the Dog's  plot revolves around this goulash of convenient misinformation created by the latest Hollywood fakery and special effects, which is eaten up by gullible Americans who think if the war's on TV, it must be real.

Ironically, a year later life imitated art when President Bill Clinton launched Operation Desert Fox, a four-day bombing raid against Iraq that coincided with the House of Representatives preparing impeachment proceedings against him over the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.



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